Saturday, January 29, 2011

Watch the pounds melt away

I've never blogged before, so it's kind of awkward for me to start. I guess we'll just go with how I got to this point tonight (or morning). So, let's see... it's early morning, Saturday, January 29, 2011 and I'm sitting up watching Netflix and starting this Lap Band blog. Before that, I was searching for and reading Lap Band blogs. Before that, I wanted to have some cookie dough ice cream. However, it was rock hard and I let it sit out to soften up a bit. As I waited for my cool, tasty treat, I became so engrossed in reading people's amazing Lap Band stories that I totally forgot about it. When I came back in from taking my dogs for a little walk, I saw the ice cream carton on the kitchen counter and realized what I had allowed to happen. It was no longer really cookie dough ice cream but more of a cookie dough ice cream soup, which is definitely not what I was going for. If I'd gotten too bent out of shape about it though, I'd have to question my motivation/readiness for this surgery. Instead of whining about it (or trying to save it by re-freezing, which never usually produces appetizing results anyway), I threw the whole carton away and thought of it as a sign that I am ready for this. I also thought that probably (and hopefully) this won't be the last time that reading people's inspiring blogs keeps me from sabotaging myself, whether consciously or unconsciously. And I can only hope to be able to the same for somebody else someday.

Small victories, right? Thanks to all of you who distracted me from myself tonight...