Thursday, February 3, 2011

4 Days Down, 5 to Go: Pre-Op Diet Fun

Starting weight: 250 lbs
3 days into pre-op diet: 243! Whoop whoop! I haven't been this excited about losing 7 pounds since the time I almost got kicked out of Naval Aviation for being too fat (and I was down to 165 then. Oh, how things change...)

So, this pre-op diet thing hasn't been amazing, but it hasn't been miserable either. My surgeon's office supplied all the replacements: Bariatric Advantage banana flavored meal replacement powder and drink shaker, Bariatrix Proti-15 peach mango and lemon drink mixes, Bariatrix Proti-15 cream of chicken soup, and some protein bars that are good but I just don't remember the brand. My prescribed diet is 3 shakes, a bar, and a soup per day, consuming them every 2-1/2 hours or so. Not too crazy to follow, I know, but there hasn't been one day that I followed it exactly. I was a little busy running out to do investigations and missed an afternoon shake or two. Also, I just got bored pretty fast and had to shake things up... llllllliterally. I mixed a peach mango drink mix "sachet" (that's what it's called on the website...fancyyy) and a scoop of the banana powder in my shaker and closed my eyes. Then I opened my eyes to make sure the drink would make contact with the correct part of my face. I closed my eyes again, took a drink, and I was in protein drink paradise...fiiiiguratively. ('cause we all know that place does not exist.) The last few nights I have also had a few egg whites alongside my soups since I'm usually starving by dinner time, and 8oz of hot protein drink with green flecks in a bowl pretending to be cream of chicken soup is hardly satisfying (even though it doesn't taste toooo bad). I knew a few egg whites wouldn't derail me either, since they are a pure protein and oh-so-low in calories. Also, I love eggs... from my head down to my legs... and let me tell you, there is a lot between my head and legs. That just goes to show how much I love eggs (or how much I have loved eggs? You be the judge.)

I'm getting so excited! Losing 7 pounds makes me feel like I've already started out on the journey and my surgery is a week from tomorrow, Friday, the 11th! My mom's visiting from Tucson for the event from Wednesday, the 9th to Sunday, the 13th, and my boyfriend is taking next Friday off to be there for me as well. I'm just happy to know that I will have people there to listen to me whine and cry. I just hope they'll take me out to Pizza Hut on the way home. (Psych!)

I'm also getting just a tad nervous because I really have no idea what to expect when it all comes down to it. I'm educated on paper, but I'm sure this is going to be an experience that will be nothing like I've imagined. Any bloggers out there with any stories or tidbits about the experience of surgery? Any bloggers out there pre-op as well?

Below is a picture from a couple weeks ago up by Big Bear Lake, CA. This will give you an idea of where I'm starting.

Off to watch some stand-up on netflix and read some more blogs...


  1. Update Feb 4---Lemon protein drink tastes like vomit! That's nothing like I was hoping for, which was more of a lemon sorbet kind of flavor. I guzzled it just to get the protein. Gross...

  2. Welcome to the blogging world!! Ewww, I think lemon protein would taste kinda bad...Protein drinks have a funky wang to them that would not work well with lemon!

  3. Thanks Mary! It's funny because I bought the Special K Protein water mixes for my pre-op clear liquids and I didn't even think about it when I bought the pink lemonade flavor! Granted, it doesn't have quite the protein punch that bariatric food does, so it didn't have quite the vomit flavor... but it was definitely there and I hastily discontinued use. :-)