Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fill 'er Up!

I guess my fill went pretty well. It was a different experience. Kind of fun though because the surgeon was demonstrating the process for the nutritionist. There was a lot of port prodding going on. I got 1.5 cc's added, so I'm at 2.5cc's. It sounded low compared to what a lot of people get, but the surgeon said that it is different for everybody depending on individual anatomy, which makes sense. Maybe I have thick stomach walls. Anyway, I'm glad I got it done finally. I've been on liquids and puree the last couple days. The scale finally budged! I was stuck around 230 for so long and today I'm at about 227. Woohoo! 

I ate some scrambled eggs this morning. I made two and probably ate only one. I was trying to be careful and also I was typing an email to my brother in Iraq, so I was kind of distracted too. I didn't have any problems with the eggs, so that's good, because I love them!

Buuuut, that was a few hours ago and I'm hungry now, so I think I'm gonna have some refried beans! YUM! I eat these cheap Stater Bros. store brand fat free refried beans. They are amazing! They have good texture and come spiced with chili powder and garlic (probably to cover up the fat-free-ness and it works)!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


  1. Those beans really do sound amazing! I can only eat one scrambled egg (with about two slices of bacon) at a time. Hope this fill is all you expect it to be!

  2. It's always better when you can do well with less fill. Being too tight stinks. :) Hope this does it for you!!

  3. It really is an individual thing on the fills. Sounds like you had a good one.