Monday, May 9, 2011

She's baaaaaa-aaaack!

What's up Lap Band Blog World? Sorry I've missed you.... or sorry I just plain haven't shown up. Life has been busy. Also, since I've had my band for almost 3 months now, I feel like I've started to get the hang of things and haven't been feeling myself drawn to the blog for support. I had to tell myself though that there is always more to learn and it's always a good thing to get on here for that extra little boost of confidence and some comradery.

Since I've been on here last, I had my second adjustment, and it's been pretty great! I've lost about 8 or 9 pounds since the fill (on April 13) and that was with minimal exercise. I've been doing some hiking with James and my friend from church but probably only 5 times at most. I'm pretty happy about it! I'm thankful for the band! I have had a few things that got stuck, with the last incident happening just this morning. Twice it was chicken (both times it was chicken breast--once baked, once canned), and the other time was some Triscuits. All three times, it's been because I wasn't paying attention to chewing well. Other than that, I've had pretty good restriction and have been satisfied by small portions. I think I could really rock it with maybe another .5cc. I don't even remember how much I have in now, but I know it's not much. I must have thick stomach walls or something (like that's any different than any other part of my body... haha)! 

Well, I am going to get to reading! Just wanted to say hi and update! I will try not to make it so long next time!

A little before and after action:



  1. I love your cute! And so glad life is good!

  2. I agree, the cut is gorgeous! and your eyes really shine! glad you are doing so well!!! Keep it up!