Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Should I get a fill?

Hello, fellow band-o's! I am so bad at blogging. I won't try to make a bunch of excuses because it doesn't really matter, but my original intent was to be a little more faithful to this. I guess we'll see if maybe I can make that happen this go-around.

I am here today because I'm wondering if you all might be able to give me some advice on whether I need another fill or not. I feel like I might need one because I am able to eat like any normal fat person again. Namely, this weekend, I was in Vegas (the DEVIL) and I ate all-you-can-eat sushi twice (and ate 2 rolls + some other sushi pieces) and ate enchilada combos twice (and again last night when I got home from work and didn't want to cook) (I like enchiladas a lot.) So, that's an example of the amount of food I have been able to eat. On the other hand, I have still had some problems getting stuck in certain situations (eating too fast). Eggs and chicken seem to be the main problems (which one got stuck first? hardy har har).

Anyway, is that enough info? What do you guys think? What have your experiences been like?


  1. I know that I'm on the verge of being too tight because I have reflux on occassion. But I can still eat WAY more than a bandster is "supposed" to in some instances. Some things just go right nachos. So I can eat a whole gigantic stack of those.

    But if I try to eat good healthy protein like chicken and eggs, it doesn't do that. I have to be careful, chew well, eat slow, etc. This morning I had two egg cups (the equivalent of 1 egg, 1/2 piece of bacon and 1/2 oz. cheese and I was full for a few hours.

    I know that if I eat bad for me stuff, I can eat it for hours. But if I go get a fill to prevent that, my reflux would be beyond horrible. I just have to force myself to decide if I'm truly hungry or can I just eat it. Does that make sense?

    But then again, I got a fill every month for the first 8 months after surgery. So, you just might actually need one.

    Oh so helpful, right? HA!

  2. Well, no matter what fill level you are at, even if its the perfect level, you are going to get stuck if you eat to fast. I have read many people have issues with eggs to. anyway, I say you should definitely get a fill.

  3. Did you get a fill?
    I too can eat way more than I should. The key for me is to eat the cup and stop myself. If after 5-10 minutes I am still hungry, I can eat a bit more. Usually I find that I am satisfied if I stop and let myself think about it.
    New Follower. I hope you start to blog more.