Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Face Plant

Ugh! I just fell off the wagon face first into a box of Thin Mints! Although, I must say, I only ate 6 of them. I remember back in college when I could sit and eat half a box (one tube) of them without thinking about it... and I'd be waving at everybody on the wagon as it passed by. I think today I was a little stressed and there was nothing/nobody around to distract me from it. 

But, damn, those things tasted good!

A week from tomorrow I get my first fill! It's about time! I almost feel like I never had surgery. I know partially it's my fault for not always acting like I had surgery-- *cough cough* portion sizes *cough cough* thin mints *cough cough*-- but part of it is the fact that there's no restriction and I know I can get away with it. I don't doubt my ability nor willingness to comply once I get a fill. 

Speaking of compliance, has anybody ever heard of somebody's stomach exploding because they ate way too much and clogged the stoma? A lady at church who had the roux-n-y told me her friend's stomach exploded and she had to have emergency surgery. Crazy. ... I don't know how much of the explosion part I believe..

In other news, my pastor called me yesterday and asked me to be the second praise singer for church. There is one girl that usually sings the praise songs but she's not there all the time. In her absence, I will sing. I don't know when people decided I was a singer, because I most definitely am not. I'm so much better at flute, it isn't funny... PLAYING the flute. Don't get any weird American Pie ideas like everybody else does. :-P

Well, off to church choir I go! Excited to get back so I can make some salmon for dinner and then read your blogs!


  1. I don't know about exploding as in *boom* but I am sure it is possible to do some serious damage if you binge HUGELY. Haven't heard of it though.

    YAY on the first fill. Home it goes smoothly for you.

    And 6 thin mints is a binge? Pffft... please girl friend. A binge is the whole box!!!

  2. Guess I'll have to try harder next time! Haha

  3. Hee hee. You're a funny one. :)

    Haven't heard of any exploding stomach's, so I'm guessing if it is possible, it isn't all that probable.

    YAY...fill is coming!

  4. Haha Thanks!

    I'm going to try hard not to explode my stomach.

    *BOOM!* *splat*

  5. Hello, Thanks for joinin my journey! I look forward to reading up on yours. I wish you much luck and success on this adventure! :) Take care!