Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sagging Stockings

Today was much better! I watched my portions and was more conscious of my chewing. No problems! 

So, the band geek got to direct the church choir this morning! The director told me 20 minutes before our rehearsal Wednesday night that I was taking the helm for the week because his granddaughter was being baptized today. I was so nervous this morning! Part of the music director job is also leading the congregation in song which really only means that I had to sing into a microphone during each song... NOT something I'm used to! Put a flute in front of my face and I'm fine, but a Everybody was so nice afterward though, and they gave me lots of compliments and support. I know that part of the story doesn't have much to do with Lap Band... but what I WORE does!! 

I wore a teal sweater and a houndstooth pattern skirt with black tights. I bought the skirt back in late September and the sweater in early November, both for my new job wardrobe. Around Thanksgiving, I hit my heaviest weight and wouldn't have been caught wearing either piece. Today, everything fit looser than it did when I first bought it! I actually hadn't worn the tights yet but I'm assuming they were looser than when I bought them. They were sagging down and scrunching at the ankles and I had to keep pulling them up! I probably could have enlisted the old ladies at church to commiserate with me! haha 

Sagging stockings... a small victory. :-)

Days until 1st Fill: 24!


  1. yah for NSV's! Your already doing wonderful! it is definitely a learning process, but one worth learning! I love the pic of you and the bf!

  2. Congrats on being acting director!! And loose clothing is such a good feeling. :)

  3. Thank you guys! I'm pretty happy I got the surgery.

  4. Hi, Im Michelle and I saw your blog, just wanted to stop by and say hi and I want to tell you to keep up the amazing work. It will definitely pay off, and you will learn so much from having the band. I know I have and it really is a complete lifestyle change and one well worth learning!! I can't wait to read more of your blog!!