Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!

My best friend and her rock-climbing posse were in town this weekend to do some climbing at Joshua Tree National Park. It was so much fun watching them put their lives in jeopardy as they hung from cliffs over the unforgiving rocks below! You won't catch me doing that anytime soon... One thing I did join in on though, was the eating! Oh man! Having visitors is a really easy way to kill a diet! I had me some barbecue (about 3 times), some Mexican, some pizza (twice), and it was great! Who said Bandster Hell was so bad? .... ha ... ha.................ha. 

Back at it today I guess. Only 16 days until my fill, so I really need to work at some good habits. I'm so excited to have some restriction and to figure this all out! 

A couple questions:

When does the port pain go away? It hurts after I go out for a walk from the bouncing.

What were the first solid foods you tried after your first fill?

Thanks everybody for your support and advice! I'll be on the road today, so your comments will keep me company! Have a good day!


  1. I had port pain on and off for probably a month. The PA said some people have it up to 2 months. I think it is because they actually stress the abdominal wall muscle and attach the mesh to it and sew the port to that to stabalize it (at least my surgeon did)

    As far as solids go. I think Chicken or Pizza. Truth be told, I don't eat many solids. I eat mostly tuna salad, low fat chicken enchiladas, crackers, yogurt and soup and eggs.

  2. MM, thanks for your comment! It's funny you say tuna salad because I'm making some right now to eat before I travel for work today! :-)

  3. I fortunately didn't have port pain, but I also didn't carry the lion share of my weight in my tummy...that was saved for my big old booty. :) Hope it fades for you soon!

    I believe eggs were the first solids I had. I LOVE eggs. Once I moved into solids, I think I tried everything for the most part. I continue to steer clear of bread and most beef (I have issue with most beef for some reason.)

  4. I had some issues with port pain for a few months and if I do an ab heavy workout I still get some pangs. The first solid food I ate was chicken salad on wheat thins. It took about a week for me to get used to eating differently.