Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trial and Error...

...and in the last couple days it's been more error than anything. 

I'm sure you're all aware that between surgery and the first fill there is this time where there's not a whole lot of restriction. Well, it's funny, because I would like nothing more than some restriction, but I have TOTALLY been taking advantage of NOT having restriction. Also, I think this has also made me slip on good habits I had started to form, such as chewing and chewing and chewing. And some had asked, so I'll add in at this point that I started eating soft foods on Monday (Feb 28).

For example: Last night I decided to make meatloaf (YUM) for my boyfriend (James---see picture below) because he was on a three-hour trip back from dropping his sister off at the airport in Las Vegas. It was just a little surprise that I knew he would enjoy. Anyway, I was so excited to see him and to eat this yummy, yummy meatloaf and I just frickin' SCARFED it down like I hadn't eaten in days! I immediately regretted it. My stomach hurt! I didn't have any other kind of symptoms but I definitely could tell that I'd eaten too much, too fast.

...and then today James and I went down to Palm Springs to go wine tasting and get some lunch. (I know alcohol is to be AVOIDED but this is a hobby of ours. Anybody have a similar story and any advice or tips?) We went to a restaurant called Islands and decided to split the 1/2 rotisserie chicken. I was proud of the choice. But past that and not drinking with my meal, I didn't do much else right. I didn't portion my food out and I scarfed my whole half of the deal, including the tortillas served alongside...  And THEN.. (hahaha I just have to chuckle because it's just funny admitting all this)... I made James go to the frozen yogurt place (about 15 minutes down the road). I started eating my yogurt (YUM) and got about 10 minutes down the road with that and BAM! My stomach hurt and my shoulder hurt bad! 

And I cried on the way home, not because of the pain, but because I knew the pain was my own fault and that I had just had surgery because I wanted to control this very kind of thing. I felt fullness and pain in my shoulder for about 3-1/2 hours... it was bad news. I've been telling myself all afternoon and evening that I can't be the only person that has had this problem during this stage of the game. Please tell me I'm not wrong!

As far as weight goes, I'm hovering around between 228-230. It hasn't really changed (gone down) in the past week. I know I need to bump up my game. ...I can't wait for that first fill! Only 25 days to go!

Well, I guess that is mainly what I needed to get off my chest for now. Thanks to all of you who have begun to "follow" me! I will try to get to all of your pages in the next week or so! 

James and I


  1. Hi there - I was banded on the 28th January, so just a couple of weeks ahead of you. I had the shoulder pain which truly sucked. I ate too much once before my first fill and felt so awful that I have never done it since. I concentrate on chewing and chewing and chewing, and making the meal last a lot longer. It seems to work for me and I don't eat too much - Im learning it is purely trial and error and everyone is different. You will find what works for you. On alcohol, I have had a little bit, but the want for it has dropped for me as it seems to hit a bit quicker (way less in my stomach Im guessing!)Good luck :)

  2. I still get the shoulder pain, and I'm almost 3 months post-op. It's a learning curve, DON'T beat yourself up. You're in bandster hell, and that's rough enough! You'll get through this. And by the way, I don't know what kind of doctor assumes you'll never drink again, but nothing wrong with a drink or two.

  3. Thank you Cassie and Ronnie! The shoulder pain is so crazy! It was something I would have never expected and never heard about pre-op. Three days pre-op, my shoulder hurt more than my abdomen!

  4. First, you two are precious!! :) Second, you probably going through the toughest time right now. But just keeping getting back on the horse and plowing through and you will get there. Try to remember next time how badly you felt this time. (Sometimes that doesn't even stop me, but sometimes it does. :) )